Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand,
We create the perfect logo for your business.

Every organisation or business needs a logo to create its own market identity. But then there are certain ground rules that need to be necessarily followed:
(a) It should match the business segment
(b) It should match the personality of the brand that it represents - There's no one size that fits all.

At Concetto, we take great care to ensure that it ticks both these boxes. Plus...
On the design front, especially when it comes to logo design - simple is harder than complex. So, at Concetto, we put in a lot of hard work to make that happen, and we are good to go with any of the 9 types of logos that you may need.

9 types of logos
  • Emblems
  • Abstract logos
  • Mascots
  • Letterforms
  • Dynamic marks
  • Wordmark logos
  • Symbols / Brand marks / Pictorials
  • Lettermark / Monogram logos
  • Combination marks

Concetto’s 6 step process in logo design:
(a) We insist on a proper design brief
(b) We research the business category - colours, shapes etc that dominate your business segment
(c) We list out application areas for the logo
(d) We sketch out drafts and refine them on our computers
(e) We play the devil’s advocate
(f) We share our logo ideas... and, in most cases, we go back to the drawing boards after client inputs!

Concetto’s 3 rules in logo design:
1. A logo should be simple
2. A logo should be scalable
3. A logo should also work well on single colour

Is the time to start?

If you think the time for something new / re-vamping your brand strategy to improve your brand.