Showing thought leadership, expertise and more informal in all our writing.

Ok, you want some great stuff to engage your consumers and prospects on informal channels? We'll write regular blogs for you that feed their interest without putting them to sleep. And we'll design it to look special and expresses what it stands for. In doing so we'll do all we can to build a vibrant community around it - At Concetto, we have the patience and motivation to achieve that! (whether it's a weekly blog or a daily blog)

Statutory Warning:
A bad blog can damage a brand rather than help it along

Interesting Trivia:
Most readers read blogs between 7 - 10 a.m.

Internet Facts:
77% of internet users read blogs regularly

Concetto's Blogging Checklist
Clear focus & content design
Good quality, original content
Writing style
Tone of voice

Is the time to start?

If you think the time for something new / re-vamping your brand strategy to improve your brand.